Safe in your arms the world drifted away
It was damn near perfect, then I was lead astray
An angel with lips so pure and innocent
Its hard to say no when it comes to such a sin
The innocence was shattered in the midst of a kiss
My promise was broken, I knew you’d be pissed
I broke your heart, yes, I know its true
But we both knew that I didn’t deserve you
And as you tear me apart with your words of goodbye
I fight back the pain and try not to cry
I die a slow death in my pit of despair
And in my last moments I remember how I was selfish and unfair
Its not until my flesh decays, and falls from my bones
That I realize that my soul is hollow
The stench of regret fading with time
I’m through with committing the same fucking crime
I’m guilty, I know. I’m sorry I hurt you
Its time to say that we’re officially through.


Yet another goodbye to face this day
Yet another pain in my heart that will not fade
Yet another empty “I love you” to add to the rest
Yet another scar that marks my wrist
Yet another lover that lied
Yet another tear that I cried
Yet another night I scream in pain
Yet another reason that I’m ashamed
I wish just once that I could be good enough to  love
Yet what I do is never enough
Yet another attempt that failed
Yet another boy that bailed
Yet another wish that won’t come true
Yet another “forever” that ended soon


"I don’t want someone who calls me “perfect”. I want somebody who looks at me and says “You’re f**ked up, but I love you.”"


I was lost; a girl with no hope
I couldn’t find the right path to follow
They attacked me and ripped me a part
The sickness tore through me and stilled my once beating heart
For far too long I just tried to stay numb
And ignore the pain I felt when the flesh touched my tongue
He held a gun to my head and said “the dead must die”
But you looked into my eyes and saw there was life still inside
You stepped closer and took ahold of my hand
And to my surprise; my heart beat again
You pulled me close and looked into my eyes
With each beat of my heart I felt more alive
I didn’t understand how to deal
I had been dead for so long, I’d forgotten how to feel
I began to cry; remembering the monster I had become
But you wiped my tears away, whispering “the monster is gone”
I felt the beat of your heart, the heat of your breath
And for the first time I didn’t feel the hunger of death
As love ran through me, untamed and set free
I looked into your eyes and saw your love for me
It was quicker than the venom, more painful than the bite
A flash from the barrel; a bullet took flight
I fall to the ground; still wrapped in your arms
The love in your eyes has turned to alarm
The darkness creeps closer; slowly taking control
I close my eyes, not wanting to let go
I hear your fading voice whispering to me
"I love you too much. I won’t let you leave"
The dark took over; I could hear no more
I awoke in a bed; my back feeling sore
I saw you asleep in the chair at my side
Your cheeks still stained from the tears you cried.
I sat on your lap, and snuggled up close
I whispered softly “you keep me alive when I’ve lost all hope.”
Our hearts beat in rhythm as I drift of to sleep
No sickness, no monster; just the love the makes us  complete.


How can the darkness feel so wrong

When it’s the only thing that doesn’t hurt me

How come the monsters in my head

Are the only things that hear me scream

Why is it when I close my eyes

I only see what I’ve done wrong

It seems the harder that I try 

The more I fail

When will the pain subside

And finally let me go

When will the emptiness

Feel whole again

Why is it the closest I feel to beautiful 

Is when the blade is cutting my wrist


The room is black, the air is cold

My wrists are cut and there’s blood on the floor

This mental picture is almost real

When my life is tough and it’s hard to deal

On nights like that all I can do is cry

And think of fast, painless ways to die

I gaze at the blade as I hold it next to my wrist, ready to cut

But I know the pain it will bring will never be enough

I gaze at the blade as I hold it next to my heart, ready to die

But try as I might, I can not say goodbye

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Hogwarts Acceptance Letter.


*is crying


i waited for 5 goddamn years for this now its too late

Me: Hey mom! I finally got my acceptance letter to Hogwarts! 

Mom: I knew you were “special”… O_O

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I’m a good girl, I promise. There’s no secrets for me to tell

I’m a good girl, I promise. There’s no kisses below the belt

I’m a good girl, I promise. I don’t kiss other guys

I’m a good girl, I promise. I won’t unzip their flies

I’m a good girl, I promise. I always say my prayers

I’m a good girl, I promise. I always do what’s fair

I’m a good girl, I promise. There’s nothing more of me

I’m a good girl, I promise. I’m filled with innocence and purity

I’m a good girl, I promise. As his hands run up my thighs

I’m a good girl, I promise. As he makes me sigh

I’m a good girl, I promise. There’s nothing I can do

I’m a good girl, I promise. As he makes me-ooooh

I’m a good girl, I promise. There’s just one secret I should share

I’m a bad girl, I swear. So enter if you dare

I’m a good girl, I promise. Can’t you see my angel wings?

I’m a bad girl, I swear. I do all these dirty things.

I’m a good girl, I promise. I’m good at what I do.

I’m a bad girl, I swear. Let me go down on you.

I’m a good girl, I promise. I’ll make you feel alright.

I’m a bad girl, I swear. I’ll keep you up all night.

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It was so very long ago, it feels like it was just a dream, sometimes I wonder “how could it be true?” , how a girl like me could have those few perfect moments with you, those few perfect moments when you dried my tears, when we sat there together looking up at the stars, when you stole my heart and never gave it back. As I watched you walk away that night I remember longing to call out to you tell you I loved you, to hold you and never let you go. And now I wish I had acted on that longing, but how could I have known that that was the last time I would see you, how could I have known that after that moment I would never see you again, no warning, no goodbye, just gone, it’s been so long now I wonder if you remember me, the girl who always brought you cookies, the girl who hugged you every chance she got, the girl who is   completely in love with you. Thoughts of you fill my head, dreams of you so good I never want to wake up, making wishes that’ll never come true. I had crushes before you and I’ve had crushes since, but you will always be my one and only love. If I am a poem then you are my rhyme, and now that you’re gone I feel as though I’ve lost you, so now I’m incomplete, and until I see you again I will remain as lost as a “Poem Without Rhyme”.